DentTeK PDR Inc. Since 1998


Our History

DentTeK has been founded and  established in 1998 in Edmundston

 New Brunswick. We specializes in Paintless Dent Repair ( PDR ).  It was a new process for fixing dings and dents on vehicules without painting. it`s been  a revolutionary service and especially very economical concept that you can discover by browsing our site. Denttek was one of the first company to offer this kind of services in New Brunswick.


In The Beginning...

Starting in 1998, DentTeK PDR Inc started to serve the population  in fixing damages on vehicules without using any bondo and paint. It soon be appreciated by everyone and the word spreaded fast as the cutomers been really happy and satisfied.    


...Still Running

We have a proud history of excellent work and customers service. We have remained loyal in serving our customers. Through the years we worked many places all around the world and been recognized for our quality and professionalism.